What is a mobile Wi-Fi router?
A mobile Wi-Fi router is a portable Wi-Fi base station provided by mobile operators. Your own smartphones and tablet computer can be connected to a wireless network through a mobile Wi-Fi router, whether you are on the road or in hotel.
 What is a rental mobile Wi-Fi router?
With our rental mobile Wi-Fi routers, you can connect at most 10 Wi-Fi devices at the same time with one Wi-Fi router.  You can save on your mobile costs by sharing it with your friends.
 How to connect your devices?
The setting method is very simple. All you need is to set the password written on the back of the router into your devices. No additional apps needed. Please switch your smartphones into ‘‘airplane mode’’ otherwise you need to pay expensive international roaming charge.
■ Attention
  1. This special discount is only for guests who pick up our devices at New Chitose Airport.
  2. This discount offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  3. The offer applies only to Japanese mobile Wi-Fi router [City Type (HV 4G-LTE)].
  4. This product can only be used in urban areas. Please check the coverage map of EMOBILE for the details.
    http://emobile.jp/area/areamap.html?1(In Japanese)
  5. This offer is valid for applications made before 11:59 PM of February 28, 2014 (Japan Time).
  6. Discounted price will be reflected on your statement when you return the device.The price shown in the confirmation of order is the original price of 1,296 JPY.