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We are a solution provider that never stops striving to enrich the lifestyles
of global travelers with newly created value.

While currently a leading mobile communication service company, we will expand our scope of businesses into cross-border travel service domains.
Telecom Square never stops taking on challenges to enrich the lifestyles of global travelers.

Twenty-seven years of history and credibility.

A leading company offering mobile communication solutions to global mobility markets

As a leader in this business, we have provided cross-border travelers with mobile communication solutions like pocket Wi-Fi, SIM cards and handsets. We are growing this business further.

Mobile communications services for cross-border mobility markets
Over 1 million users annually

We operate our business internationally and have subsidiaries as well as co-owned companies not only in developed regions such as Europe and the US but in emerging Asian regions. Telecom Square is a global brand.

Unparalleled business performance

As a leading company in the industry of mobile communication services for international mobility markets, we are proud of our unparalleled performance both domestically and internationally.

Business development
outside of Japan

Outside of Japan, our group companies have been developing our business in 4 countries and regions including Taiwan, Thailand, Beijing and France.

Contact Center Awards 2019 Double winner

Best People Division Award

Leader of the Year Award

We incorporate multilingual support (English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese) as a key service quality component of our contact center operations.
At Contact Center Awards 2019, we added to our success from the previous year by winning both the Best People Division Award and Leader of the Year Award.

Our three pillars: “Peace of mind, Convenience and Fun”
For better travel experiences

Our services and solutions are built on the three key pillars of "Peace of mind, Convenience and Fun” to make your travel experiences better.

Peace of mind

We ensure the safety of your trip
with 24-hour call center support in four languages


We ensure the convenience of your trip
with a wealth of products that suit your travel style


We ensure you have a fun trip
with innovative services that enrich your travel experience

Unlimited potential

The future of Telecom Square is bigger and better travel-related business built on a solid telecommunications business foundation

In addition to our telecommunications business, we are developing three new travel-related businesses: AR App, Inbound Travel and Sharing Service.

AR App

<2018 release>
AR navigation app


Inbound Travel

<2016 release>
Inbound, on-demand media


Owned Media

<2019 release>
Owned media

“biki hodai”